David Bird (owner of nilsbird training) began his career in 1987, working as a secondary mathematics teacher in the UK. During his career, David has taught many subjects and ages (5-17).

David became an examiner in 2001, for a UK examination board, and in 2003 added international examining work to his portfolio of experience. Over the years, David has marked for all three main UK examination boards and achieved the level of a Team Leader.

Since 2009 David has travelled the world meeting many different peoples and cultures, providing teacher training with a particular focus on mathematics. This has provided many valuable insights for David which he is now aiming to share through nilsbird training

Revision with nilsbird training provides learners with opportunities to check, deepen, and reinforce their understanding of their studies. With a particular focus on revising Mathematics, learners will gain valuable insights and have expert support from David’s 34 years of educational experience. **
** other experts will be available, as and when required.

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